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Simple ID...For Sombody Else but Me


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I'm coming up close but no exacts....Franklin Gothic Medium is close but the apostrophe isn't right. A couple of Switzerland's apostrophes look right but the "S" is off. My future font collection has one called Francis and the lettering and apostrophe look close but the kerning is off and this is going to be a subbed out embroidery job so all I wanted to do was supply them with the correct font and not spend much with it.


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My Franklin Gothics came from my Corel Xtra Fonts CD and it doesn't have medium condensed. I knew I was in the ball park. I have an Adobe Font Folio Collection and it was in there. The apostrophe still isn't right in my sign program but when I type it in Illy and Corel it's OK....Go figure? I hope the embroidery shops program see's it correctly...Maybe they won't be that picky anyway.

Thanks again