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Skin tone problems


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Hi there,

I am from Singapore and newbie in this business and owns a valuejet 1204 and ultima 1440 using Onyx RIP. Have been printing for 3 months already but facing a few problems recently, hope you guys can help out a little.

- i have problems printing skin-tones, where my subjects turn out tanner than usual and not as impressive as some graphics you guys have done.
Any profile for onyx to fix the problem? BTW, i am using orajet.

- I regularly clean the printer but every now and then, there will be spots of ink on my prints which totally ruins the prints.



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Messing aound with your profiles might help a little, but try getting some skin tones in your software and play with them a little. Add and subtract different hues, print consistently using the same profile until you get it where you want it.

Now if you're using ready made drawings/photos/clipart... and you can't alter them... using 6 color will help because the light cyan and light magenta work well in getting better skin tones, but that's really just a selling gimmick. 6 color is just a shortcut in most cases because it just gives you a better gradient which skin tones are known for, but more than likely, getting the tan out is more than 4 vs. 6 color.


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You can spend the equivalent of the national debt of a small country to profile all of your equipment and media such that what you see on your monitor is what you get on the printer. Or simply become sufficiently familiar with your gear and you'll get to the point where you just naturally know how whatever is on your screen will print and adjust it accordingly.

The first option usually appeals to the empiricist, those that view this as some sort of science, and the second to the rationalist, those that see it more as an art. Which you choose depends on your own epistemology.

The ink droplet thing is most probably because of lint on your print heads. All it takes is a single tiny thread hanging off the print head to collect and drop ink droplets on your prints. You need to clean the print head carrier and associated tackle, not the print heads themselves. Take a good close look at the bottom of the print head carriage and see if there isn't a bit of lint here or there. Printing banner material, especially material with fuzzy sides, is a common cause of this.


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I learned this the other day! I learned this the other day! From here!

If the drop is on an unprinted area, just a q-tip and some cleaning solution, and you can make it go away. Won't work in a printed area.


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I think you have too much ink in your:Coffee:

I believe you responded to the wrong post..............