Sledding with Shakey


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This morning i decided to take one of my former employees kids sledding on a hill by the bay near my house,they had a blast. Well after about 45 min. i needed a bigger challenge.So i decide to climb this hill way higher than their hill that dropped off real steep and i only had about 25 feet to stop before the water.(you know where this is going)I used to sled on this hill when i was a kid and you have to crash before you hit or you will go into the bay.I guess when i was a kid the tide must have been lower.Needless to say the 3rd. time down the fluffy snow got in my face and i couldn't see to stop in time.Let me tell you the water in New England is freaking freezing this time of year.The funniest part of the story is that my friends daughter got more wet that i did from laughing so hard and peeing her pants.:ROFLMAO: