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Small bubbles in over laminate


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This is driving me nuts. I didn't have this issue until recently and it's showing up in everything. You can see the smaller bubbles (silvering?) I've increased tension on the supply roll, it's a cold lam so I can't put heat to it.

What can I do? I'm tired of throwing away materials.


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You might have a bad roll of laminate.

If laminate is okay slow down. I laminate as slow as possible. Gives adhesive a chance to wet out.


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Seems to be silvering. You can see the vertical roller lines where the pressure is greater. We have a cold roll laminator that doesn't have the pressure that our Seals do. It's great for mounting graphics and such, but our laminating goes to the Seals that can be cranked down and in some cases add heat. Usually, I've seen the thicker and more textured the laminate the worse of you are.

Even so, it should wet out in a few days. As long as you have them graphics in a warm environment. If the environment is colder than usual, that may be your problem. Otherwise, you can go over with a squeegee with a firm pressure.

Neil Stimpson

Dirt Industries Graphics
I had this problem some time back, I went from using the heater in my laminator to not and that's when I noticed the small bubbling like that, also like jwilde said it can happen when not gassed out long enough, but will go away in a few days in the right temperature.


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So it's been pretty cold and the lamination machine was by a window. I think the combination of cool temps and low humidity really don't help.

I warmed up the laminated material a little bit and after about 20mins they went away.