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Software Package


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The guy took a couple programming classes in college, learned how to unlock Flexi, and then just burned a million copies of each program, made a label that looks kinda like it should, and is making a living selling the crap on ebay. He's just another run of the mill :software

It's okay though cuz he's gonna die at 19 in New York (die19ny).


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let's all blast this :software

Here is the Ask Seller a Question link... lets flood the bastards email inbox

I just blasted him with my familiar colorful style (not just reserved for my friends here :Cool 2: )

I also scrolled to the bottom of his listing & clicked on "report this item"


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guess he didn't like me blasting him... I checked the "hide my email" so he could send one reply through ebay... but at least I won't be getting stalked now :Big Laugh

He did sell that package with "buy it now" but I reported it again & reported this email which is almost an admission of guilt:

you are so **** stupid my friend let me tell you.
Let me give you a lesson in life,
This big time conglomerate companies find any which way to screw you, the average consumer by charging you for a program upgrade when it is actually the same fucking program, think again about who the real thief is. This is my software and I can do with it whatever the **** I want.

Please dont waste my time sending me another email


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This is the Email I got from Ebay after my 1st post


We will review the situation and check to see if there are any
violations of eBay policies.

If we determine that a listing or post violates eBay policy, we may take
one or more of the following actions:

- Send the member an informational alert

- Remove the listing or post

- Suspend the member

Generally, we only suspend an account if a member has repeatedly
disregarded our policies. Because of our Privacy Policy, we cannot share
more specific information with you about another member's account or the
actions we take. This policy protects all eBay members and ensures that
your personal account history will always remain private.

For more information about eBay's policies regarding potentially
infringing items, go to:
EBay's enforcement policy is crap. We use EBay quite a bit, although our good fortune, and that of others, is due to using our heads! As for illegal items and fraud, they could really care less - and this comes straight from EBay. Their favorite phrase is "buyer beware".

The only solution would be for people, that suffer from copyright infringements, to sue for culpable neligence - but that can get costly. Should enough people get together, with the right attorney, they could very well suffer from a class action suit.

Nevertheless, people will always be looking for a way to circumvent paying.

On the other side, with certain software, it is understandable that some are afraid of spending huge amounts on a package they have never used. This is one reason why I believe that manufacturers should also come up with an alternative, such as WinPC Sign did, whereas a user pays a monthly fee.


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I have to admit before I came here to Signs 101 I had no idea that software fraud was that big of a problem worldwide, and thought that a deal like that was just that "a deal" I am sure other newbies out there are learning about this problem as I did earlier. If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.


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wsteely7 said:
What would be the legal ramifications for the buyer of this product?

Technically? Confiscation without reimbursement is a remote possibility. No different from buying a stolen anything in good faith. Really remote.

Reaslistically? Not a damn thing.

The entire body of copyright law has been based on the non-existence of casual reproduction capabilities. In the last few decades this has changed with the advent of copy machines, VCR's, home computers, and all the technology associated with them.

All of these toys circumvent traditional copyright law, not necessarily violate it. Especially digital works. Regardless of self-serving rationalizations from those claiming damage, the question remains: Just whose one's and zero's are they? The various rules delaing with these sorts of things have not kept pace with reality. Leading directly to the previously noted rationalizations.

As for me, I find it far simpler to purchase things from the authors. I tend not to copy these things for others not out of any respect for the author's work, but because if I have them and someone else doesn't this represents an edge my favor.

I have as little use for self-appointed vigillantes denouncing miscreants to the authorities as I do for those being denounced. You are both despicable in your own way.
To a certain degree, they have. As far as copyrights are concerned, "copying" is not that frowned up, AS LONG AS (stress) for personal use NOT commercial.

As for the possible implications, most likely nothing, BUT, should there ever be an investigation and prosecution of the infringer selling these copies, for obvious profit, then there is precedent and authority to actually confiscate a computer - for evidence. As for the authorities, unless we a talking a million copies (exxageration here), they really are not interested - as there is nothing for them to really brag about.

As for laws reagrding "good faith" purchases, they vary from state to state, and in Florida they can and will take the property back, and return it to the rightful owner.

The real ramifications are that many acts like these can put a company under - and Corel is a classic case. There almost was no X3, which is why they have included a "jump through the hoops" activation.