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Software Survey


New Member
Just wanted to take a survey of what people arer using to run there router tables.We have a 408 with art path and auto carve.
I am beginning to think that there is alot better out there for 3D carving.Any advice would be appreciated.

I know you have enroute and art path, what made you switch?:thankyou:


New Member

We have a 408, not sure what we use to run it though, I will ask the operator and let you know. We create all artwork sent to it from Illustrator. Our operator does a good job of routing materials and I especially like the prismatic letters he routes.

dennis j

New Member
I was looking at 2 different packages ArtCam and Enroute at the time Enroute was a fair amount less than ArtCam. They just came out with the true 3D for Enroute.

There are many advantages to moving up to a higher end software one big reason is that the jobs can be designed and edited right in the same program along with importing from other programs. With Enroute an object that has a tool path assigned to it can be resized with out deleting the tool path, the tool path is resized along with the object.

With Enroute you can scan and vectorize then apply tool paths as needed with out ever going to a different program.

If you go to Enroute or ArtCam web site they have a lot of information on the advantages of these high end software packages they are costly but are very powerful.

Hope this helps fire away with any questions and I will try to help.:smile:


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Thanks for the advice, I will look into those software titles.As far as design and vectorizing is concerened, that is a job for a designer, Which i am not and will never claim to be.I just the guy that has to make there crazy Ideas go from paper to product.
Besides they will not touch a PC
Apple and AI all the way for them.
I am the only one in the shop that is fimilar with PC operation at all.