software update question


I did receive a notification from SAI that there was an update and I updated. It gave me a code to input before it installed and I think it all went fine. Since then, every day I start up the software I get the same message that there is an update. Now I am wondering if it did anything at all? Why does it think it needs to keep telling me that there is an update? Anyone else getting this repeated message?


Joe House

What build number do you have and is this full Flexi or an OEM version (HP, Mutoh, etc)?
I'm at Build 3260 on my full Flexi version and when I tried to update (I wasn't getting prompts to update) it said that i have the latest version.
My HP version had an update, and now it's at build number 3260 as well. - They don't always have the latest build.
If you aren't at 3260, look for a SAi installer folder on your desktop and try running Autorun.exe again.

Good Luck and stay safe,