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I have the summacut d60. I'm using it just for vynal cuting. I'm been looking for a month now at software. I've tried the trials of coral and adobe, and signlab. for the most part I've liked signlab the best, because it lets me outline my fonts.

I'm wanting to get a good program, and I know it can cost alot, so if I'm going to be spending so much money. What is good and what compay is the best to work with.

I've notice that some programs I have looked at say you also need another program for this to work. I just want one program if that is possible.

I use windows xp, with intel pentium d plrocessore with two processing cors, 300 gb hard drive and 2.0 memory witch I also have back up memory.

I'm small, just starting out, and mostly just doing signs for inhouse jobs for my husbands business because I find things like this enjoying.

I hope this is enough info. for help. Thank


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Coral, Adobe, and SignLab are all good. So is Felxi, SignGo and CiberCut Pro. I have used Corel since version 1 and like it for design. I now use X3 version and I think it is the best yet. Adobe Illustrator and Corel are design programs. SignLab and Felxi are design and cutting programs. There are other "bridge" programs that make Corel and Illustrator able to cut such as CoCut and others. I have used Corel and SignLab mostly in my career. I'm looking to add Felxi Pro soon. Hope this helps you. Call dealers you work with for more info, but remember, they will tell you their's are the best.


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If you just need it for cutting then I have VE LXI Master Plus 7.5v4 for sale. It the same as flexi just re branded for Sign Warehouse. I am asking $300 for it.



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If you like Signlab, go for it. I own signlab 6, I started with Signlab 5 in my business. I would recommend their current build, 7.1. I'm very happy with the software.

It may not be the cheapest option, but you will be able to cut and design from signlab. Make sure you research what you are paying for covers what your intensions are as far as designing. Signlab has different levels that allow you to do certain things.

There is also a representative from Cadlink here that has been very helpful with member questions.



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corel and cocut pro.. The great way to fly.
PLus with cocu tpro you use it with at least 4 programs such as corel draw, illustrator, freehand, and autocad,.. Thus you can have four different choices.


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Software is really personal preference. Whatever you know or like the best is what I suggest you use. Support for all of them are about the same.
I've been using CorelDraw 12 to cut to my D60 for about 2 years now with very few problems. Most of which were caused by a loose nut behind the controls. The other problems have been windowz/USB related.