yes its the uv2... i love it... so far the only issue is that the mdo has to be extremely flat. the 1 millimeter of tolerance is not realistic (to me anyway)
but i like the easy maintenance and set up for using rigid or roll stock is a breeze... we bought it 5 months ago...


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we love it, we print coro, alumacore, acrylic, poly, pvc all day long. are you guys having any color matching issues? pms colors that is. also what rip software do you use.


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Were did you purchase it from, and what price? I am currently looking
at the colorspan 72uvr? Did you compare with this machine?
mreffex, no we have the colors down pat it took a little tweakin but they are dead on..., were using onyx for omega 6.0 but i use illy & corel for the output i didnt get to compare them.. my boss did all the tire kicking, i just came to work one day and he said heres a new machine...have fun lol