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Suggestions Solid color vinyl for floor decal in warehouse


New Member
Hi, I was looking into printing/laminating with something tough, these decals which are just solid color circles, and then it occurred that maybe I could use some solid color vinyl that will withstand (also laminated). The floor is smooth concrete, needs to last, and withstand some roughness.
Welcome any suggestions, recommendations.
Thanks and Happy New Year to you all!


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How long does it need to last? And will forklifts / pallet hacks be going over it?

You can use whatever vinyl will stick... Just throw in some floor overlam. We use 3M 3645. It's rated for 6-12 month warranty. We've put some in airports where there's thousands of foot traffic... Still looks good after a year and a half. But if heavy machinery is running over it.. It'll probably chip and peel much much quicker.