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something weird...

sign chick

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This might get confusing. I'm trying to print a decal, black on white. The customer sent me an .ai file. Brought it over to Composer and cleaned it up a bit. It looks good on the screen, looks good on the preview in Plot but it's trying to print the spot color AND 4 process colors even though there's 0% being used of the cyan, magenta and yellow. But there's some of the process black and some of the spot black.

So I go back to Composer and selected just the process color parts. It's just this one graphic. Everything else is the spot color. Bottom line, I've tried everything to make this process-colored image a spot color and it won't let me. When I dbl click on it, it says it IS spot black. What's going on?! I hope this makes sense! :biggrin:


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when I've received an .AI file......it double prints.....meaning,
there might be another file directly underneath it.......who knows.....Does anyone else despise MAC?


Fred Weiss

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I've found that sometimes a file will import and have a remnant that can't be seen. The best workaround is to,

1. One at a time, click select all the vectors you see until they are all selected.

2. Enter F4 to reverse select.

3. Delete the selection.

Is the process black a vector or an image? If it's an image, make sure you are assigning your color as spot instead of process. Doing the latter will make it call for all four process colors.


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when I've received an .AI file......it double prints.....meaning, there might be another file directly beneath it

From my experience with Graphix advantage was that when i imported files from other software like Adobe or Corel, if the object had a fill colour and a stroke weight in its original format the stroke would appear as a double line in Composer. The stroke weight or colour did not appear in Composer, only a double line would show.

This would cause abnormalities when welding shapes together or adding distortions. I have even encountered triple to six of the same lines making one shape ... all layed exactly overtop oneanother.

So whenever importing other peoples artwork it is good to remember this and always try to delete shapes to see if there are duplicates in the file.

sign chick

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HA HAAAAA!!! Got it!

I made it just regular vinyl instead of assigning any print color to it and filled it in. There was a black outline around it! You guys were right! I tried the reverse select, ungrouping, etc. but couldn't get rid of it. Finally I realized there's a "STROKE FILL" button up there, clicked it and turned off the stroke. DUH!!! Problem solved!

Thanks, guys!