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sorry here is the image...


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font help please!

Can anyone give me an idea on any of the three fonts in tis logo, time is of the essence and I have been searching for a while.

Thanks in advance and a whole bunch,

Jimmy B


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for the post below any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks again,

Jimmy B


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sbrjoey said:
for the post below any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks again,

Jimmy B
ok... I'll help

I'll help by pointing out that "the post below" means nothing...

by the time people find this one, that one could be below... above... or gone from view entirely. so now that you started a new post you might want to hurry up & edit your opening comment to give us half a clue of what the image is for & what you want help with without us having to go hunt down some other thread.


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WOW where did that picture come from? Website? I'd ask for some better art before I spent a lot of time recreating that thing.

by the way welcome to signs 101

Fred Weiss

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I have merged the threads to avoid further confusion.

I also have no clue as to the font(s) used in that layout ... but duplicating the distortions, even if you knew the name of the fonts, would be a huge chore. Try telling the client that it would be about $300 to recreate the artwork unless he comes up with the original file. You will probably then have it supplied in about 5 minutes.


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What do you want to know?

The typeface for 'Hold 'Em" is most often called 'Goldrush', it's one of those faces where a little tiny bit goes a really long way, generally too far. You can get it for free at http://members.memlane.com/gromboug/

The top line is any number of Roman faces. The rest of the text is illegible.

The decorations are stock items found in lots of clip art collections. The Mega collection has what you need for sure as well as other sources.

Mike Paul

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Click on the edit button within 1 hr to edit your post.
Is it Jimmy B. or sbr-Joey?... possibly Supaegnt??
maybe Newbie Newman?