Sp300 damper and captop replace instructions


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Hi gang
looking for instructions on how to change the dampers and captop on my sp-300.
thanks for the help very apreciated
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Anyone know of a step by step or can give me some direction?

somebody out there who has changed their dampers?



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dampers are a snap. you'll need a syringe set up with a fitting that can be inserted inside of the base of the damper.

turn off your printer on the front, turn off from the back. unplug and press the front power button four times. take off the dampers. when removing pull gently up, straight up. don't twist, or pull diagnolly. that can break off the manifold nipple which is a disaster and can result in frying parts from leaking ink. i like to use kneedle nose pliers with the bent end. there are structures on the back of the damper that you can get a good grip on. unscrew the fitting, the ink will recede. put on the new one. fit the syringe at the bottom of the damper. gently pull the ink into the new damper. when the ink approaches the damper turn the damper physically upside down so that the ink is draining into the damper's "roof". when you get tot he 75% mark filled. turn the damper right side up and the air will shift to the top, fluid to the bottom and you are done. let the damper hang off the machine for a few minutes. if you've got air leaks the ink will start walking back toward the cart. if the ink stays with no level drop you are done.

not sure what a capping station for your machine looks like.


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Ok got the parts and did the dampers replacement...now im going for the cap top but just not sure were to start...
anyone can point me in the right direction?


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Enter the cleaning menu code : with the printer stopped, press cleaning button + Power on. After you do what's written on the display, the printing carriage will move to the left side of the printer. Then you'll have full acces to the cap-tops. Those are kept on their position by a black piece of plastic who surroundes the superior part of the cap-top. In it's front those things have a "click" system. Release the black piece of plastic and the cap-top will pop-out being pushed by two sprigs. You will see how those springs are placed. Take cap-top's tube out from the junction with the pump tube and take it out. Put the new one(in the same position, not 180 degrees backwards), and put back the black plastic piece. Be carefull with the springs. If one of those things falls, it might be difficult to recover it. Reconnect the new cap-top tube with the pump's tube.
Hope that helps!

Excuse my poor english, I hope I made myself well understood :):Oops: