Sp540 cariage seperated?


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Please help if you can. I have been getting "cariage seperated" restart machine messages on my sp540 v.What is the cause.I am getting it mainly on long pieces of pvc print.

Tim Aucoin

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Usually happens either during a material jam or a head strike. The following is directly out of the SP540 users manual...

The cutting carriage and the printing carriage were
improperly disconnected.
A problem such as a media jam occurred, impeding correct
operation. Operation cannot be continued. Press the
[POWER] key to switch the power off and back on again.

I'd suggest if this doesn't fix the issue, you need a service call placed.


Map Wraster
Your linear encoder strip is dirty or the eye that reads it is dirty.
Are you also getting prints that "move" a bit or look like stairsteps around the edges?

Once, I also had a really dirty track that the carriage rides in/on & had to get some 3-in-1 oil in there to get those grooves/wheels cleaned.