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SP540V set up


New Member
Hello All,
Can someone give me the rundown of setting up the 540V? I purchased it used, have all the manuals but am unclear as to how to proceed.
Between the PrintServer guide, the VersaWorks quick start guide and the Net Tools guide I'm totally confused.

I want to use the ethernet port for the hookup to a pc that is using wireless internet. I know I have to assign the printer an IP address, but not sure how.

I called Roland but they are closed today so I thought I would ask here for help. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for the read.

The Big Squeegee

Long Time Member
I know how you feel. I have CyberPrint and never was able to figure out how to send to the printer through a network. The conclusion was that the software was not designed for that.

mark in tx

New Member
If Roland is willing to guide you through the process on a used machine, then go with them.
Why be frustrated for a day?


New Member
oh, by the way, im networked to the printer too, but it takes to much memory to run it thru a wireless. hard line it.