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Here's a few pics of a project we finished last week. Routed on our Multicam and printed on our Inca flatbed.

On a parallel note: the company I work for made an "executive" move last week which just left a foul taste in my mouth. Purely based on "accounting". In my eyes, we just lost our hart and soul, so my hart isn't in it anymore. As a result, I'm officially on the market for a new job...


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Is that a vinyl wrap over a routed sign?

Need details:
the company I work for made an "executive" move last week which just left a foul taste in my mouth

Sounds like the eternal conflict between businessmen & artists.


Very nice work. I've been thinking of trying the same thing on our flatbed. Now that I've seen you do it, I'm inspired to experiment with ours.


nice job
you got great registation printing right on the sign
and sorry to hear about the company
not a good time to belooking for a new job


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SignManiac: Experiment is the word! We did a lot before actually producing signs that are presentable... Registry, Height difference between high an low point, wall angle on the 3D, printing speed, UV...

petepaz: I am well aware that this not the right time for job hunting, but I am absolutely disgusted this morning and my only motivation right now is to get the hell outta here asap. I am a good employee, but right now, I dont feel as this is important for my boss as what his books say. Problem is: they let go their most loyal and hardworking employee while others are safe and secure despite their complete lack of loyalty or competence.