Stainless tank trailer vs vinyl.


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The tanks are winning. I have lettered many tank trailers in the past (painted steel and aluminum) and they always have issues on the top of the letters if they are on the sloping area. The snow and ice build up and rip the top of the vinyl a bit when it slides off. On paint and alu my vinyl (HP Avery) will last a few years before touch ups are required. These stainless trailers are shedding the vinyl on the slope.
Just wondering what others have done/used to remedy this.




I haven't done one before, but I've heard you must use a special vinyl for stainless surfaces. Regular high performance vinyl won't hold up. Search the forum - I can't remember what the suggestions were.

Good luck.


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3M has a product specifically made for stainless steel applications -
check out 3M 181-10


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i was looking at that too. my only concern is its only rated/warranted for screen printing or electrostatic printing, not solvent :(


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2 funny ProWraps! Sometimes it's the ones with a sense of humor that will win out over all the rest! Keep it up, things will get better or at least I hope they will. Merry Christmas to all:)


We letter Anhydrous tanks, Propane tanks, Fuel tanks. Painting the logo on is the best method. We have tried vinyl, digital prints, screened decals. Paint seems to last the longest and is the easiest to touch up. So bust out your ponce wheel, maul stick and the brushes, if you even know what a ponce wheel is....


Mosh you talking about these:help

See Mosh we know what you are talking about:omg:


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Yeah I know what a POUNCE wheel is, and I'm talking about stainless trailers. Ever try getting paint to stick to that? Don't assume since I don't have a thousand posts that I have no experience. Try 25 years.