Starting Point and Finishing Point Connecting (incomplete corners) mimaki cg-75fx

Ryan J. Gill

New Member
We've run this plot a thousand times, over the years - and all of a sudden the starting point and finishing point are no longer connecting, thus we have incomplete corners -

its a Mimaki cg-75fx on the second cut -

EPS File in Illustrator with the Final Cut 9 software



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Check your blade to make sure the tip's not broken. Then double check that your offset setting is correctly set. If you changed blade angle recently and didn't change the offset, that would also cause the same issue.


i've had that happen when i leave overlaminate hanging off the edge of my print, as most times my laminate is slightly bigger than my digital media or i'm not dead-nuts square with the print.

any drag on the plotter, will result in disconnected cutpaths