Static electicity problem

I seem to have a lot of static electicity in hy shop. every time I touch the versa cam control panel I get a shock. I even get funny patterns on the vinyl especially on the registration marks so faster printing the worse it is.

If my shop is dry could that cause it?

I am on indoor outdoor carpet. but there seems to be static electricity when transfer taping and even installing onto poly metal or alumicor materials.

will a humidifier help?

thank you


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Yes, humidity level makes a difference.
The carpet is not helping.
When you use your machine, touch the frame first to discharge any electricity there, not at the panel.
Also a swiffer works well at getting rid of static.


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anti-staic mat in front of or other office supply......any carpet real bad for static matter what anyone says...vynle tile or wood ,cement...a separate ground wire to outdoors on steel pin in earth here to ground the static here....this post probly gonna open a can of worms

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I keep lots of dryer sheets around in the winter. Wipe down the plastic cutting mat, clothes everything. I know Fargo is extremely dry in the winter, ha, been there at -3 in the winter. Humidifier would help.
Interesting to read about the "swiffer" I know that it gets rid of dust and helps with static, salesman for my Roland told me NOT to get it anywhere near my versacamm? it said they had an incident with a customer and printing issues etc....all came back to the swiffer? Now was the customer using inside the machine? I didn't ask.....I just know he was very adiment not to get that swiffer anywhere near that machine? And yes here in Alberta our winter months are as dry as a popcorn ****. I too have static issues, planned to buy a small humidifier for just the print area.

I drove through Fargo just about 3 weeks ago, looks like a nice place.

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