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Steping out of the dark ages (I hpoe)



Well I finialy sold the old gerber sprint, and purchesed a new 24" CT635 from Creation USA. I was wondering if anyone else was using this plotter and what they thought of it. It should be here by Monday, I can't hardly wait!




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I will use that cutter as a back up machine only. Do not trust on those Chineese cutters
Good luck....!


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You're going to want to be careful with it. The Creations have reset buttons on them so that the tool carriage doesn't try to continue cutting if it goes to far.

Basically, the Creation is a "dumb" cutter. It doesn't sense where the material or pinch rollers are, so before you start cutting, you'll need to set the origin on the cutter itself.

When setting the origin, start with the tool carriage at least 1.5" from the right side (keep it away from the reset button). And the left edge of the material about 2.5-3" from the left reset button.

Alot of people when they 1st get the cutter, the tool carriage will be all the way to one side, pressing the reset button. When this occurs, the display will be blank or say "waiting" or something and the cutter won't do anything else. If this ever happens, just turn off the cutter and manually move the tool carriage away from the reset button, then turn it on.