Still Errors...with black


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New Printhead. New Sub Tank Valves. New Dampers. New Cap Top. Ran som flush through the new head before running ink. Filled with ink and ran a test nozzle. Missing the first block of black (this after three little charges to see if cleared it). And now, I'm getting a sutank lo error for the black.

Any way to fill this sub tanks individually? Or what? The old head was definitely a gonner. I even changed the bulk cartridge for the black.

Printed a test print with CMYK bars and Rich Black, Blue and Red. Everything looks beautiful and no Cyan overspray. But the blacks are definitely waaay off.

All the lines coming out of the cartridge are full. All the lines before and after the valves are full. No air bubbles and dampers are filled at least half way.

Any ideas?



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In maintenance mode you can open the valve manually.
They will fill individually automatically unless you get an airlock.
At which time you may need to use a syringe to get things started again.


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Excellent Randya...I'll do that next.

What I did was restart in service mode and do an little ink charge. Not sure if it's the same as going into cleaning-Little Ink Charge, but since the latter didn't work originally I tried the former. And that has helped.

If it happens again I will definitely give your suggestion a go.