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Stud-mount lettering on Exterior Wall Tile


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I'm quoting some stud mount lettering on exterior wall tiles. The building is new construction and I'm not 100% certain what, exactly, the tiles are made of because its not complete yet. The client said they are porcelain tiles, but it could be anything.

Is this going to be a typical install or should I budget more time into my quote. Also, what kind of drill bit should I use?

Thanks for your feedback.


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Porcelain & ceramic suck to drill. I would recommend tape-mounting them if that's feasible.

If you wind up drilling, you'll want a diamond core bit. Milwaukee's are decent and are available at Home Depot. Sometimes I use the diamond core bit to get through the glazing then use a glass & tile bit to get through the rest. Keep the bits cool with water.


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As Moze said, use a diamond core bit and you won't crack the tile. Porcelain is hard so it may take awhile. I usually bring a spray bottle with water to keep the bit cool. Once your through the porcelain you can switch to the appropriate bit depending on what is behind it. My guess is concrete but it could be hardie board.


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Absolutely 100% diamond bit. It's way easier if you have someone with you to keep your bit cool by spraying a stream of water on it. Definitely switch to another (appropriate) bit once you're through if you can. I would also recommend practicing a couple times on some tile so you can get the hang of it before you do the real thing. You don't want to skate a diamond bit across some fancy tile.