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Sublimation Heat Press Question?

Steve C.

New Member
Am getting in on Datcat's Heat Press Deal.... wondering if you need a special press for Sublimation printing or will any Heat Press work?


New Member

I'm in as well... From my reading the specialized stuff is the inks and the substrate. However, looks like you need an Epson printer to run the inks. The heat press is a heat press, is a heat press... But I'm sure there is temp/time settings involved as well.

Bob P.


New Member
It must heat to 400 degrees is all. If you are going to do ceramic tiles and thicker items you really need a floating bottom platten or a swing away/drawer press. dynawg is correct, substrate is coated or certain other synthetics and dye sub ink which is run through the epson style head as it doesn't heat the ink to print it.

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
That's interesting, since I know Iimak (Duracoat) offers dye sub ribbons for Gerber Edge and that uses heat to print.