Suggest 3M Vinyl and Laminate for Ultra smooth decals


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We are looking to make some ultra smooth Matte finish stickers/decals in solid colors (pastel/neon etc) using 3M materials.

Which 3M Vinyl and laminate would be the best suitable for this job if smooth matte finish and solid color output are very important requirements.
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Ultra Matte overlaminate is awesome, and smooth, BUT it makes your images look like they were drawn with crayon.


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We had lamination issues with the UltraMatte 3M Laminate. It left bubbles that didn't ever go away in dark areas.
We laminate all day every day and do not have this issue with any other laminates. 3M refunded the rolls and we never tried it again.
Regular 3M 8520 is a good matte laminate.


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8520 is not quite dead flat. We like it more than the UltraMatte because it has some sheen...just enough to accent the prints and make them stand off a dead flat wall for example.