Suggestions for boat design?

Mark L

Hey all,
I'm re-doing the graphic on my boat. I'm having a hard time coming up with a cool design.
I thought I would ask the talented people at signs101 for some ideas.:notworthy:
These photos are showing the boat with the graphic I removed. I want something a little bigger and different.
Any imput would be awesome
Thanks Mark


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I have nothing to offer really, but I have noticed...if you put something together first, and post generally gets a lot more help, because then it's not you just solely asking for people to design your boat for you w/o you trying first...

However, I've been wrong before, and I'm sure I will be again.

Mark L

1st attempt

Thanks Kraig,
here is the 1st attempt me designer came up with not sure if I like it. It's always harder when its for your


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It might help you if you had a theme. Not sure what the number represents. Personally I like naked chicks and would do a full blown Michael Angelo orgy scene just so it would be different from boats with flames and fish scales.