suggestions on printing aluminum boards


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I'm working on a project of printing 120 dry erase boards (size is 12x16") on 3mm composite aluminum. Both sides of the board will be dry erase. Only one side is printed and the other side is dry erase but not printed. What's the best way to tackle this job?

I was going to print on my HP Latex, laminate with dry erase laminate. I was going to purchase the aluminum boards precut to 12x16" and then mount the dry erase onto each board individually.

The other option is to mount the printed and laminated vinyl directly onto the 48x96" aluminum board and then cut into 12x16" pieces. However, when we do it this way, we don't always get a nice clean cut when cutting the aluminum boards. Sometimes the edges come up after cutting when we do it this way.

Any suggestions?


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Mounting a laminated piece of vinyl onto the full board and just laminate the other side would be the way to go, if you don't have the CNC. However, I would use a 5' x 12' piece of ACM. Also, make sure the blade is sharp and running full speed in order not to get a fuzzy edge.


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We use a KeenCut table cutter to make our cuts. We don't get fuzzy edges but the edges tend to curl up just a little bit on the cut edge.