Summa cutter - flex cut


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I'm using a Summa cutter to do some circular cut decals. I'm printing onto a 6.0mil thick vinyl stock. Can you someone give me some suggestions on how to setup my Summa to Flexcut the decals? I currently have the blade set with a 1/4 clockwise turn and the Flexcut set to 350g. Increasing Flexcut to 400g doesn't seem to help much.

Are there any other settings I need to set to get a nice clean circle cut? With my current settings, the decal does not punch out easily and there are also some unclean edges.
Any suggestions?


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New blade, proper stick out of blade then play with the settings. 400g is way too much pressure. I'm dialing in a new CleanCut blade. Kiss cut is 75g and FlexCut is 90-95g.

There is no silver bullet. You have to spend the time to dial in your media, blade and machine.

Recently there was also a lengthy post on this.

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