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Switch from anagragh 3.5 to.....?


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Anybody have insight & advice regarding what might be the smoothest transition for me. I'm thinking of a change from anagrapgh to something
else but dont really know what direction to go. Anagraph is all I know right now. Im just now starting to play in illustrator and corel. Beyond that I'm computer illiterate. Really! I'm a dinasaur. My small amount of digital needs are outsourced to another 101 member and I'm nowhere ready for that stuff yet. I love the simplicity factor. I'm running ANA 3.5 on 98se with a Graphtec CE1000-60. HELP!? Any voice of experience?



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I used anagraphs Design art pro for years. It was adequate. Then I tried several others including the high end stuff. Settled on
corel draw and cocut pro. Just about the best combination there is. Worth twice its weight in gold and stress reduction.


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I started with Anagraph 3.5. It will prove to be a basis for whatever software switch you make. When I switched to Signlab, the transition was easier having used a vector based program such as Anagraph already.

I think Techman's advice is the a good way to get going quickly if you know Corel and buy Cocut. I prefer Signlab and Corel x3 also.

Keep in mind you will need to convert any old ana job files so they can be used in your new software. The results I obtained doing this were unreliable at times.