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system requirements for fleix pro


New Member
im looking to get a new pc because fleix bogs the one i have no down im runing windows xp with 512 ram and a amd 1.15 ghz proseser and a radeon 9250 video card i do a lot of printing so lot of big images so it slowes it down and somtimes even frezzes it


New Member
I have plans to improve my ripping workstation, but currently I have a 2.5 gig processor with 1 gig of ram running flexi. I output 100mg files quite often. It takes a little time, but nothing unreasonable. If you are getting a new machine though... go whole hog & put in 2 gigs ram & some serious processor. Otherwise, maybe just add ram to your current machine.

Or do both, & keep the old machine (with more ram) as a dedicated ripping/printing workstation & you can use the new one for a design station, so you don't need to "compute" on the maching that is busy sending large format prints.