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Takes a Lickin' and It Keeps on ...

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
I've been searching all over and accusing others of taking my pocket flash drive for most of a week now. It turned up today in the bottom of the washing machine ... clean as can be and it apparently working without complaint.

Ain't technology great! :Cool 2:


New Member
i have one formated and set up as a boot disk. I use it to boot machines that customers cannot. I carefully insert into the usb port hoping they do not see it. When the machine boots they think I just about walked on water.
This is especially good when their brother in law just spent 11 hours trying to get the machine to at least boot.

And then I go straight to the recycle bin and see how much junk is in there. It there is a lot then i restore it all. about 40% of the time the machine will then start on its own.

Value? about $105 bux paid in advance.