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Tapatalk App


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I get the error “You don’t have permission” when trying to post or reply to a post on Tapatalk. I posted to their forum and they said it’s because Signs101 hasn’t updated their Tapatalk plugin. They said they sent an email to the forum admin to try to rectify this, but told me to post to let them know to update the plugin also. Just letting you know that people using Tapatalk are probably having problems on this site. I’ve just been using the browser instead for this forum. Thanks.


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I get this problem with other forums on Tapatalk. I think the app sucks and rarely use it anymore.


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Mine is not working, and only for this website.


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TXFB.INS - I personally don't use Tapatalk- but I'll try installing it a bit later to see if I can duplicate the error you've received.
A few questions:
  1. Are you an Android or iOS user?
  2. Which version Tapatalk do you have installed? Is there an update available?
  3. Have you tried shutting the app down completely and re-opening?

At anyrate - Signs101 is optimized for viewing on most all devices via web browser. You might give it a try as the web version of the site has more options than Tapatalk anyway.

As for the aforementioned site update: It has been placed on temporary hold for the moment.
We should have more info about it in the coming weeks.