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Hey everyone I have customer needing me to ship him vehicle lettering for 2 pick up trucks. Hes about 4 states away so all would be RTA. Now he has all files cut ready (imagine that) in EPS format and has listed out the sizes and amounts of each graphic he needs. All graphics but the door logos are just wording stating the license numbers, phone numbers, website, location, list of services and are 1 color

I apologize ahead of time for any confusion, This is how i feel at this point too from looking at the listings.

I will give him a cal price and a cast price. I'd prefer cast of course but i want to give him a option as i don't know what his budget is, He just said he is for sure getting it done and just needs to know how much it's going to be.

I came up with $645 in cal and $875.25 in cast.

I'm using the majority of 5 24x10yd rolls of vinyl from the math i did. There is a series of door logos with 3 colors that needs layered at my shop before shipping.

I figured labor was:

Set up files 1/2 hr
Weed 1 hr
Mask 2 hrs
Cut 3 hrs
Layer Door Logos 1 hr

The job is:

All 1 single color

6 - Design 1 36"
6 - Design 1 27"
6 - Design 2 18"
16 - Design 2 27"
6 - Design 2 48"
8 - Design 3 20"
6 - Design 4 14"
12 - Design 5 32"
6 - Design 6 6"
6 - Design 7 20"
8 - Design 7 16"
4 - Design 7 10"

All 3 color layered

3 - Door Logos 22 x 26
6 - Door Logos 18 x 222
6 - Door Logos 12 x 116

Thank you!

Ian Stewart-Koster

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If you are using up 50 yards of vinyl to do it all, I feel your price is waay too cheap.
Maybe I'm lucky, but I get $110 per lineal metre, for plotted, weeded & app-taped cast vinyl letters on a supply only basis. I do a fair bit for local machinery dealers from time to time. Admittedly I've vectorised their logos & they fit a lot of stuff into each lineal metre, but 50 yards! Even at a 75% discount on my rate, that'd be $1200-1300 which would still be cheap in my opinion.

Layering the stuff in-shop makes the risk of a mistake yours, and is going to possibly supply him with air-bubbles.
I hope he pays you before you dispatch the stuff, and that it's not damaged in transit.

You need to add salemandship time & quote time to the list.

All the best!

Mike Paul

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Print it. Don't layer 3 colors... sub it out if you have to.

Simplify your thought process for the estimate. Figure how long it will take

and base it on $1,000 per day labor plus material and shipping.


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I too feel this is on the low side and I don't know the situation but if this guy is buying from you 4 states away and installing himself instead of having a local shop do the job you will probably have to be a good deal cheaper. And for the difference in price I wouldn't even offer the cal.

Just to cover my markup and labor rates I'd be a little more than your cast price and that wouldn't allow any profit. I can't get the prices Ian can though, wish I could!


The way the logo is it has to be layered. I don't really like how it is but hey, It is what it is.

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Why does the logo have to be layered? Does it have special colors like metallics or gold? If not, sub it out for printing. I wouldn't advise shipping your client pre-layered vinyl for install on a vehicle. You'd be better off shipping some bubble wrap so he could at least have fun with it. POP!!!
BTW - your quote does sound to low and I find it a little weird that the guy is 4 states away. Get paid up front.


Of course i'll be getting paid up front, Why do some think i won't? It's a internet customer from a guy who used to have a sign shop referred to me to get the job done. He has talked to a few local shops and nobody is getting back to him or wants to do it so this is why i am doing it.

The logos made so when i do layer it, there is no vinyl touching each other. It's no outlines or anything, It's a shadow that has a 1/8" separation from the lettering.

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Sorry John,
That's a different beast all together. I'd still send the bubble wrap because really, who doesn't like bubble wrap???


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The way the logo is it has to be layered.

Show them a sample, I bet they don't know any better. BTW TOO CHEAP!!! add 40% at least. Printed beats layered any day!


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Forget the square foot bullshit, so it is not tedious. Figure material and labor.

What is the material cost: $100 -- $150.00 (and remember packing materials)? That leaves you about $500.00 for about 7.5 hrs work, based on your estimate. You didn't include administrative: selling the job, ordering materials, invoicing, shipping, ordering UPS, etc. Call it 9-10 hours.
That is $50.00 per hour, which shouldn't cover overhead.
Seems to me -- at your number, you are losing money unless you are hungry.


I didn't use any PSF pricing in this bid. You need to know how much material you will use which is what i did so i know how many rolls of vinyl i will be using.

Ian Stewart-Koster

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Well, your title says 'tedious quote help', but your first post does not seem to ask a question.
Anyway, I gave you my opinion and help as requested, first up, then so did several others, summarised as you are not charging enough money for the job.

You could double it or do whatever you wish,
but a 'thank you' at this stage might not go astray.

What else is it you are looking for help with?
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After looking over the order, it looks like this is more than enough for just 2 pick up trucks doesn't it? I mean if they did a logo on the doors and tailgate that would be only 6, there is well over 6 door logos...

Pricing it up now.

Thanks guys!


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There's a reason no one within 4 states wants to deal with the customer. Your Spidey Senses should be going off like crazy on this job.


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I live in upstate NY... If you go about 200 miles South towords the city..OMG the pricing is foolish. (Union) I just put 2880 feet through my Gerber Edge in one weekend.. I couldnt find enough material in the local area...The last 2 rolls were shipped from cali sunday overnight. All RTA graphics. Each job has it's own client, pearsonality, probability, & equitable possibilities. 20g's last month in RTA.... 1-man shop :omg2:


Well i am awaiting payment from the customer then this order will be starting.

Thanks to everyone for the great help. I really do appreciate it. I did not give a cal price as that's not what i am trying to push to my customers. Your getting the good stuff at a higher price because it's better material. I ended up getting $100 more than my original cast price which still puts me in a good profit margin IMO.

Thank you all again!