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I have a picture of a dirtbike that I wanted to make a template in photoshop. There are some places that put the graphics on the bikes so the customers can see how they will look on a bike. I know how to do the clipping mask and all that and how to trace it out to get rid of the background. I was just wondering if there was an easier way to get rid of the white background instead of tracing out the whole bike and all the spokes on the wheels. I appreciate any help!

I also attached a picture of a bike for an example. Im not asking how to put the stuff onto the bike, all im asking is if theres an easier way to get rid of the white background without tracing it all out.


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Probably the easiest way to do it to my knowledge would be to use the magic wand tool. Set the tolerance fairly low. Between 50 and 100 should work. I would use the 'Contiguous' setting and choose the 'Add to selection' option. Once you get your tolerance dialed in start clicking away at white areas until every bit of background area is selected. Then erase.

You could uncheck the 'Contiguous' option and try that but on a bike with a lot of white in it, I'd say the first approach is a surefire winner. If you had a bike with no white in it at all you could pretty much do it in about one click.

Oh yeah...one more thing. Before you do any of that I would set the resolution much higher. I like working at about 600 dpi for doing things like this. 300 would suffice, but anything over 600 dpi is probably overkill.


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more like this I think.

I don't know of an easy way.


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Shouldn't the layer be seperated from the background before? Or is that an extra step I do for nothing?


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Take the couple extra minutes with the Pen Tool and create workpaths in PS. Or just use the Pen Tool in Illustrator(would be my choice) then you end up with vector templates.


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You can make a selection based on color range. Its a lot easier if there is a solid or gradient background like the ones you posted. There are sliders that control exactly what will be selected and then you can further refine it from there. Great tool! (Under the Select Menu and then click Color Range)


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I am probably too late to help - but you could use the magic eraser tool with the tolerance set really low (maybe try 2).


None will work as well as a detailed work by hand but the next best easy thing we use is Mask Pro.... onOne has a very nice suite of tools we use on a near daily basis.