The best 100 ways to tell a customer you're not interested


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Hoping to accumulate 100 (or more) NICE ways to tell a customer you're not interested.

It could be an old client who has always been demanding but they just pushed you over the edge with their last comment/request, or a late payer who you just can't handle any longer.

Whatever the reason, I'm sure we've all been there, and I'm sure we'd all like to create a Rolodex of ways to nicely tell someone to go elsewhere (or to shape up), so that we can always keep it "original" and "interesting".


* diplomatic * slightly smartass'ish is ok * no swearing


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tell them they cant AFFORD YOU)))))))))))))and give them a price that will make them go elsewhere)))))))))))))


"I appreciate your time but I'm not interested in this type of work"


Either "we don't do that kind of work but Xyz around the corner does", or price it so high you know they'll go some place else.


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"we dont do business with stupid people."

actually had a boss tell a customer that at a previous shop.


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This is what I use, with no attached text....and thus far it has always been effective at letting them know I am no longer interested in working working with them.
-See attached photo


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I remember once a customer asked me why something was x$ (she thought it was too much).

I spent around 5 minutes going through the supply/demand theory, and put it down to the economic systems which our current method of commerce operates upon.

She listened intently, with a smile on her face, then said... are you being sarcastic? I replied no, I'm being very serious. She apparently really couldn't tell.

She rang me a couple more times after that, then eventually got the hint...


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The best method I have found over the course of my career is to "price" them down the road. If they hit the pavement.....all good, if they don't, it's still all good!


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I just got a "new" plotter off ebay and I'd like to use your vehicle to practice cutting graphics on top of new factory paint.

wayne k
guam usa


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One thing I've learnt is when to say "no" to unprofitable business in both time and $$$. This is one of those occasions I would have to say "no". But thanks for the opportunity. Keep me in mind for next time.

Cheers - G