The easiest and fastest way to install dimensional letters


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AKA a 'stencil pattern'. I've used stencil patterns on a few jobs, only with thinner material. Definitely a time saver.


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I'm sure these videos are great marketing material for your company. I've been wanting to make one of those time-lapse videos of one of our jobs from design to completion and put it on the interwebs for online marketing... Just haven't gotten around to it.


On interior installs like that, I use left over 8518 liner over a paper template, peel tape and stick letters to the liner. Then cover with high tack transfer tape and hang it on wall like vinyl. Tape the top and peel liner from behind letters and let float into place. The customers are amazed how fast I'm in and out, most of the time I have to explain all the steps done at the shop.