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The Economy in Your Area

Is the economy in your area and your business currently getting

  • Better?

    Votes: 39 39.0%
  • Worse?

    Votes: 31 31.0%
  • Not Changing?

    Votes: 30 30.0%

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Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
This has been a rough summer for storms in the U.S. The price of fuel has hit all time highs and 100's of billions of dollars will be spent for rebuilding. What, if anything, do you see happening in your area ... in your business to the economy?


I think it's better here. We haven't had the bad luck with storms as alot of places. One big factor here is the new casino and horse track. The casino opened last November and they syarted racing 2 weeke ago. It has been a real boost to uor economeny with all the construction, plus it helped atteract new bussiness. Our property rates are at a all time high, with several new homes and apartments going up. This is/was mainly an oilfield town, and making my living for a big part of my life in the oilfield I can't really complain too much about the price of gas. It keeps a large majorty of people here (customers!) working. Excellent poll Fred!

Liquor Dealer

New Member
Our economy has been steadilly declining for the past ten years. Our little town once sat right on top of the largest natural gas field in the world. This resource has now been depleted to the point that the gas must be sucked from the ground with a compressor. Our economy which was based on gas is now almost totally based on agriculture. Our population has actually increased a little but this increase has nearly all been from immigration - most of which is probably illegal. Our school enrollment is now about 90% Hispanic. Several large porkproducers have moved into this area as well as a couple of large dairy farms. It is difficult to keep an economy thriving that was used to an average income of $70-80000 a year for a large portion of the population to one now based on minimum wage labor. Things here have got to improve soon because they can't sink much deeper.

Craig Sjoquist

New Member
it does not matter to me how the economy goes, ... what matter's is selling, doing ,getting paid and can I do it again. .... the best thing about the sign industry, signs are needed no matter what has happen , value is another reailty

Dave Drane

New Member
Definately went down hill since Katrina hit, which it should never have done in a far reaching place like Australia.


New Member
Dave Drane said:
Definately went down hill since Katrina hit, which it should never have done in a far reaching place like Australia.

Plus the flow on effects of the fuel price problem that everything that needs to be transported the higher transport costs are reflected by higher prices....
We are taxed to death enough already.

Arlo Kalon 2.0

New Member
The Dallas/Ft. Worth area has been cited often as the Ground Zero of the franchised sign biz founders. At least two of the biggest began here, and to this day we HAVE to be the most saturated cities with their outlets. Add to this the steady phenomenon of blind luck startups of new sign shops, and the outcome is some of the most dismally low prices imaginable. I honestly believe a determined customer CAN eventually find free signs in this market!

Carl Wood

New Member
My sales have been way down here lately - I think the economy is hurting from after effects of the storms - -consumer confidence has a lot to do with it I believe. EVERYBODY is checking prices now, even my long term customers. Lost one of my better accounts 2 months ago over price. Saw one of his signs last week from the competition - the edges of the Omega board were not even painted - left raw on a double sided 4' x 4'. Can't wait to see it in about 3 months after a few good rains!
Also I have noticed things on E-Bay are not doing well at all. Was gonna list a few items that I trade in regular there last week but decided to wait until prices improve.


New Member
tend to agree with dave & every one thought i was crazy for mentioning 10.00 car mags & 7.00 rear window logos