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The Good Ol' PNC-1000


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I've been reading the board a lot lately trying to find some answers, which by the way you guys are great at! I don't know how you learn so much about these plotters/cutters but you guys have every answer. Thus the reason I stand before you today.

I'm working with a friend who owns a sign shop. I set up his computer and he wanted to connect the Roland PNC-1000 to it. Just an additional note, we are using FlexiSign 7 on a Windows XP machine, which I've read can cause an issue in the cutter. Anyway I get it set up and installed using a parallel to serial connection I believe. I did a tust run with it and it printed perfectly, not a problem. After reseting the cutter and the printer we now get Error 16 on every cut. It will start cutting but stop halfway through and display Error 16, we don't have a manual for it either so we are completely in the dark.

Anyone have any suggestions?


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IGNOR IT........pnc-1000 and anything higher then WIN 95 will give you that error. somethin to do with software code.
the old machine cant understand newer code....i think.
it will cut fine even with the error message.


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you dont have the page set to corespond with the cutter.
you got the wrong driver for XP.
i cut from corel so FLEXI is foriegn to me.
make sure your page set up in the plotter driver is same as your page in flexi
PNC-1000 will only cut 15", 18" or 20" material. if the driver is giving the plotter a 24" size it will do as you say.
also those 1000 are set to stop at 62.99", but flexi should overide that.

Ian Stewart-Koster

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There could be any number of reasons it is not working.
Firstly, don't use the serial connection- only use the parallel standard old printer cable, unless you have a proper Roland serial cable with the appropriate wires crossed over..
Secondly, do a search here on PNC 1000, as many formerly asked questions & answers may well apply to you- try them. I'm not about to type all them out here.

Pro Image

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Ian may be right..........If your running a serial cabel you need to get a NULL MODEM cable from Radio Shack or your local computer store................