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The short


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Hi all,

I forgot I skipped this part with no introduction to my postings. I'm Kirstie and I married into the sign business. It's had me look at every damn sign I see on the street whether I want to or not :Big Laugh . So far I've just done real light duty stuff like peel away vinyl, apply it, file my nails, answer phone calls. Drive around town pick stuff up, organize the office, do layouts, file my nails. Recently started to go out and follow along on sales calls and presentations, file my nails.

Oh and found a new hobby with the CNC making kitchen and garden signs, just designing and painting. I probably wouldn't have any nails left to file if I dared to use it.

It's all very interesting, never ever ever gave signs a thought until I came into it. But shortly I will have no more time beside my hobby signs. I'm opening up a daycare for little chillins and be more and more on the sidelines than I already was.

Kirstie :glasses:


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when you married into the sign game & agreed to help organize the office... I don't think that was the "filing" he was talking about getting done. :smile:
Oh and the office was just filthy & unorganized. Especially under the desk, so much dust


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Hi Kgirl. wow....you have nails and you are in the sign biz! I gave up having nice nails a long time ago. Sometimes I still polish them but mostly to cover up the paint and dirt under mine. welcome to signs101 and good luck with your daycare biz. sounds fun!


Welcome to the board. I'm impressed you still have nails to file after the kids.:thumb:


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No no no. I abuse the rule of "if it's to heavy, get someone to help you" very often and to the full extent. I also protect them keeping them underneath the acrylic shell (hey another use for acrylic, a more important use).

I'm so looking forward to doing daycare :Big Laugh

Jen Goodwin

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Welcome Kgirl!
Nails...what are those? :Big Laugh I'm with That Girl...If I went to see a manicurist they would run me off!
Good Luck with the daycare.