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Yes, it has been shot down on here a couple of times. Modified drywall hanger for WAY too much money. This thing could be made for a couple hundred bucks not the couple thousand this joker wants. It does not even look like it would be partical anyway.

Search this site for the lowdown......


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they should have changed that last T to an H - would be getting more hits.

wayne k
guam usa


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Is he insane!

Besides that, I would'nt buy anything from a website with an intro that is that stupid.



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dpi product of the year????

I could build this thing from agam extrusions and some bolts for $1000.00

plus it says patent pending???? what the hell is he patenting?

Jim Doggett

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Yeah; it seems over-thought and way over engineered. Magnets to hold horizontal apps in place; a laser to paint a reference line and then handle it smaller sections. That's about $200 worth of stuff.

Stretching a larger, flat section is great for going around corners ... but just attach the end to the graphic to one of your longer cutting rulers and stretch it around ... easy and cheap, inside of outside of the garage. And I'm not seeing Wraptor as a solution for going around corners; maybe I'm missing something.

Thumbs down, IMO.
lol @ i would of never expected for that item to cost $8k!!! For that cost I'll fly in a 3m certified installer and pay his rent for the first 6 months!!!


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like i said before. best worst idea ever. in the time to set it up, i would have the entire side layed. laying the wrap is the fastest part of the operation. trimming is everything. of which this will not help you with.

i give the guy props for his innovation, but is it a viable tool for our industry? no.

to me these are pretty bold claims (not to mention where the stats are coming from)

# Reduced manpower required by approximately 40%
# Zero defects (operator dependant)

the second claim is actually comical if you read into it correctly.

like i said, give the guy props. if it works, and helps people, then good on it. as a wrap shop that does a good biz, it isnt for us.


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Does this guy have a friggin flame thrower in his hands? I know heat is essential for wraps, but DAMN!

That's actually the high pressured air application tool. You don't squeegee just use high pressured amounts of air to apply the vinyl to the body of the vehicle.

Your done in a few minutes. You won't get air bubbles either cause the amount of air pushing the vinyl creates a vortex where all the air under the vinyl gets sucked out in the vortex.

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they need to pair up with the company that was selling the insanely priced tool pouch....anyone remember that?

hey if you can get it....get it. not a thing wrong in the world with putting a price on a product you are proud of and let the audience decide if it is worth it or not. myself i won't be ordering anytime soon.