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Thinnest solvent prinntable clear vinyl.

Sign Works

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Orajet 3951 2 mil cast & Orajet 3651 2.75 mil cal both are available in clear and print very well on my Roland Versacamm.


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I tried to print on laminate - it doesn't really absorb solvent ink

Depends on the laminate. Certain types are designated "digitally printable".
We've printed on 3M cast laminates for ~7 years without problems.
Not sure about Oracal though, no experience with it yet.


I don't hate paint, I just overlay it.
best printable solvent clear vinyl would be 3m 180 mc 114
its basically the same as the 180cv3 but clear. so control tac and air channel.
2mil. but i don't think there is any other vinyl out there with 180 characteristics and clear.