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this a good computer ???


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Thermaltake Tsunami Dream black mirror finished aluminum mid tower case w/ window, blue LEDs, lock and keys (Can really see the blue in the dark).

OCZ PowerStream 520 W power supply w/ green LEDs (SLI support).

Epox Nvidia nForce 4 SLI motherboard (feature packed).

AMD 64 3500+ CPU 2.2 ghz w/ Thermaltake Venus 12 fan and heatsink.

2 gigs of Corsair DDR 400 RAM.

*Bonus 2 512 mb sticks of Corsair DDR 400 (thats 3 gigs total).

EVGA Nvidia 7900GT OC Superclocked Edition 256 GDDR3 w/ Zalman VF900 fan and heatsink. (runs very quite and cold 40 Celsius under heavy load also very overclocking friendly beyond factory settings). Currantly this video card with aftermarket cooling is worth 200 dollars standalone. Was used to run a 24 inch widescreen monitor at 1920 by 1200 and ran alot of games well at that resolution.

Creative Soundblaster Audigy 2 ZS Gamers edition sound card w/ 5 game package (Halo, Rainbow Six 3, Splinter Cell, Tomb Raider The Angel of Darkness and Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy).

Western Digital 320 GB SATA hard drive.

*Bonus Western Digital 120 GB IDE hard drive.

Lite On DVDRW CDRW combo drive.

*Bonus TDK CDRW drive.

*Bonus Blitzz super G wireless card.

Window XP 64 bit Pro edition.



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Processor is the weak link and not up to the quality of the rest of the stuff. Make sure the Motherboard can accept a better processor AND run Vista down the road. Sure as hell, within 12-18 months you'll want a program that can only run on Vista. I finally "had to" upgrade to XP Pro to run Adobe Lightroom (and CS3). This is bound to happen to you with Vista as it does with many of my customers who want to upgrade Flexi and have some ancient OS.


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That processor isnt the best as they said already. Im assuming it's single core? And I would look up that motherboard. If you could upgrade processors, it still wouldnt be much of a difference. And check to see how many ram slots the board has. To make room for your "bonus" ram, and more you will want to put in there. You didnt list how fast that hard drive is, thats pretty important to find out. I wouldnt buy it for 650. 500 maybe. Then use the 150 to upgrade your board/processor.


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put the thing in there to run 2 monitors also ..once you have 2 monitors youll never go back ..just my 2 cent...no comment on other stuff ..just dont know


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Ok I Guess Are There Any Pre Builds Out There That Are Around This Price Range That Will Work For Me I Run Flexi 7.6 V2 And Adobe


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Check with your software mfg'ers (like Flexi) and make sure they are happy running in 64bit windows.

I'd offer $475 and pay 500. It is also using older DDR ram, so newer generation boards & procs want DDR2

If he takes it then you got a good deal, but I'd rather plow the 650 into a new machine (up to $1200)... then you'll get DDR2, Dual or Quad CPU. I don't see SLI being a big advantage in the sign/graphics business.

Build Your Own:
Case - $150 (with beefy P/S) (Apevia/Aspire X-Discovery +520wThermaltake)
Board - $200 (Asus P5WDH DELUXE/WIFI-AP)
Proc - $300 (e6700 Intel Conroe, 4mb shared L2)
RAM - $225 (4gb DDR2-800)
Two HDD(s) - $125 (SATA-3.0gb, 7200k-rpm, 250gb)
Aftermarket Fans - $45 (the Zalman)
Video Card - $150
Optical Drive - $40
Windows XP-PRo - $125 (OEM)
Monitor - ??
Keybd/Mouse - $50 (don't buy the $10 ones!)

So, you can see that a professional grade PC costs about $1400ish

And in about 18-24 months it will be $600 just like the one you are thinking of buying now, which was a good one 18 months ago.
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put the thing in there to run 2 monitors also ..once you have 2 monitors youll never go back ..just my 2 cent...no comment on other stuff ..just dont know

Its true. I had 3 at one time. Then was like..this sucks. But yeah..you could always use the stock monitor port and a seperate graphics card. Thats what i did. Just one will be better graphics than the other. But no biggie if your only designing on 1 screen. New cards come with dual ports tho which is REALLY nice. And even better if u could find a new HD tv with an S-cable to connect your computer too. Cant even have too big a monitor. AWESOME WHEN PLAYING GAMES!! We have a 32'' widescreen here at work :D