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This font was on the tip of my tongue....


New Member
I KNOW I've seen this font before, but I just can't seem to place it. Anyone remember what it's called?

BTW, like the design? I'm liking it. Just need to lighten up the grey and add some white pinstriping around the red and she'll be ready to roll.


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    FR KTM proof 1.jpg
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Meister? What happened to Master? lol.

How about anything close? It's actually not for this job, this is just a vectorized version of his logo. I want the font for myself for a wrap job.

Anything kind of close to this? I really like the style.

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
The only thing that comes to mind is the Handel Gothic family. I've seen fonts closer on some of the free font sites like dafont.com but do not recall their names.