This was a fun day!


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I played 2 different gigs with 2 different bands, put on 150 miles. Played this afternoon with my main band Border Patrol, along with 8 other bands for a breast cancer fundraiser. We played from 3-4 pm then I had to tear down and haul *** to make sound check at 6pm for the evening show with another band called Arena. We opened up for of the bands I used to "worship" when I was a teen that I have since been able to share the stage with. They really kicked *** tonight! They are such a great band!
I'm beat but have a big damn smile.

I've now had the good fortune to open up for Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Bros, Little Feat, Savoy Brown, Head East and now UFO. Coming up on November 6th I get to open for Steelheart (the band that did the music tracks for the movie ROCK STAR with Mark Wahlberg.

Sorry, just feelin' good after a fun day rockin' and wanted to brag a little!:rock-n-roll:


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oooohhhhh UFOOOOOO.... drove around in my first car (a pristine 66 Corviar) with No Heavy Petting & Lights Out blasting!!!!

I'm smiling just thinking about the amazing day you had... sweet dreams!

:U Rock: