This will make you quit using Illustrator....


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It'll either make you quit on convince you to learn more!

Take some time if you have it, to go through the tutorials this guy did as well.

There's some sick illustrations on this site as well. Many have been posted on other sites before, but there's some new stuff there as well, along with a couple of tutorials at the bottom. The first photo on this site is amazing, the Asian girl with her hand on her chin.


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that work is killer but in some of those wouldn't it be easier and cheaper to just take a photograph? I mean absolutely beautiful work....but is there a market for that type of illustration these days or all those just portfolio/demo pieces?


Makes me wonder, though... the second person in the '10steps' link - Takashi - his page says "RealTrace" by Illustrator. Not being familiar with all the Adobe products, isn't that simply taking a photo and applying the program to trace it? And if so, what really applicable technical skill is there except for adding color??