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Time to upgrade my cutter!


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O.K. I am going to throw this VE Bobcat out the window!:Big Laugh It would be a good second cutter or a Hobie cutter but not for commercial use. I am going to buy a new cutter this week. Looking at the Roland Camm-1 GX24:thumb: . I really like all of its features. But the one thing I can't find is how far will this machine track? Also I want to keep using my VE LXI Master Plus software, does anyone have the driver for this or where can I get it? Also what are the pro's and con's of this cutter? ( I already know the 24" size but I like the 24" cutters.) Any help would be appreciated.

congratulations you have seen the light....but at least you have a anchor for your boat now.

if i was looking for a new plotter i would buy another summa in a heartbeat. i have owned, gerber, graphtec, ioline, summa, and they are all good quality machines but i have been happiest with the summa and their tech support is incredible if you ever need any info i can not comment on repair as i have never needed to have one repaired although i would bet it is great. welcome to playing ball with the big boys you will NEVER regret buying a quality tool.


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Hey Sean,
I have the older CX-24. Been using it for a few months. Cut almost all of my smaller lettering on it as opposed to my SP540 V. Really like it. Solid as a rock and very easy to use.
Mike B


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Hi Sean
Graphtec CE3000Mk2 is a 24" cutter that tracks very good. The Gx24 is also good. Either will give you years of good service. And both are about the same price. Both come with addon cutting drivers and support most other software. I have used both and prefer the Graphtec.


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I have the GX-24 and it tracks fine, if you load the vinyl dead on when you start. I typically run about half the length I'll need (or more) through the machine, if it's tracking badly I "realign" between the pinch rollers and feed it back to the edge. I've been in a rush a few times and alleviated this step and it was a nightmare wasting material in 10'/12' lengths. Overall I like the machine, it does what it's supposed to do, cuts thicker materials easily and is relatively easy to use. My Rolands have been good to me (so maybe I'm biased). Good luck!

If you are looking for true tracking....

- Ioline (had one and miss it)
- Summa
- Graphtec (FC series)
- DGI (Newstar - have one for 10 years and can track 50 feet easily)
- Roland (Commercial 30" and up)


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Sean I just check my copy of LXI Master + and the gx-24 is in there. I have a Graphtec CE3000MK2-60 and would recommend it.


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Purchased a new GX-24 day before turkey-day and it should arrive with stand in a few more days - Gitty as a school girl.

Have a Camm-1 Pro 24" already and it rules . . .

Good Luck with your new GX-24


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My new Graphtec will be here Monday. Decided to not get the GX-24 and go with the CE3000Mk2. Plus I got a hell of a deal on it.


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GVGRAPHICS, you have done the right thing not getting the GX-24, worse machine Roland ever built. This board is full of people trying to understand this machine doing things that defy explaination. Example,read the post, " Got to make a choice, Graphtec or Roland " Read post 31 from Taurusndixie. I've heard there may be a better driver for this machine, but in the meantime.... I Hate this machine !!