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Tinting templates

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New Member
Hey guys,

I'm tinting a friend's car this weekend..and I was wondering where I could find some tint templates for a honda element. I was thinking that if someone could show me where to get one for free, and after I successfully make it work, I would buy the whole collection.

I was bored today and i decided to configure one of my plotters to cut tint. I figured this would be cool if it would work.

I just want to experiment with a template, so if someone could hook me up, that would be great.



New Member
there aren't any,,

There is a couple of packages. But you use the template via subscription when you need it.
I personally have never observed a template in the wild. However, I did tinting a few years ago. I could cut the work faster than a template any day. By the time you could open the template load and cut the window would be done.