Tips for Moving Roland SC-545


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Will be moving 6 hours north next Thursday and we will be renting a 16 ft box truck with a liftgate. Only machine I'm worried about is our Roland SC-545. It will be unplugged for about 7-8 hours. I've found some info searching and need some additional info.

1. Make sure head is secured in place. I have the blue bracket and the head will be secured
2. Empty ink bottle and plug the drain tubes. Is it ok to empty the drain tank and just tape it in place without plugging the tubes?
3. I'm trying not to waste ink and flushing it out. Will the caps and heads be ok for 8 hours without power? I have read something about putting some cleaning fluid on the caps? The only cleaning fluid I have is Triangle brand "Flush". Is this the same stuff or is there special fluid? How much fluid to I put on?
4. Do I remove the ink cartridges? Do I need cleaning cartridges?
5. Where should I strap the machine without causing damage? Just at the base or are there any special mounting points on the upper part of the machine?

Any other tips you can provide or step I am missing?


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Not sure if it will help but on the old Rolands CJ 500 converted I leave it for a week to a week and a half when gone. It does not have the auto clean function so no use to keep power on but what I do is flush the drain lines with cleaning fluid and then blow the cleaning fluid out so the drain lines are clear. When I get back I flush the drain lines again with cleaning fluid and sometimes just turn on, do a test print, and go. Most times one cleaning cycle is all thats needed.

I don't think a day would be a big deal, just flush the drain lines before you load the printer. Park the heads like you noted and empty the drain bottle. If you are not using a bulk system you are fine with carts in.

How to secure it in the trailer is the biggest issue if you leave it on the frame. Taking it off the frame and laying on a nice foam base would be less chance of falling over.