Tips on backing reverse water!


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I'm in the middle of my first reverse water gilding sign. I bought the book. I bought what I thought was pretty much everything to get started....gelatin diamonds, tip, distilled water...etc. It was going great. However - once I backed with yellow chrome Ronan Japan wasn't strong enough and chipped once I was getting rid of the excess leaf. Then, I added quick-rubbing varnish to the Japan color hoping that would make my backing stronger for a different line on the sign. It really didn't. I just had someone suggest I back with 1-shot mixed with hardener. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks! Who knew backing would be such a bitch?

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I used black fibroseal for years without a problem, dries quick. Do not know if they even make it anymore. Will try to find a can to see who made it. Use to screen print for backing with using enamel screen ink. Takes a day to dry buy very strong. When removing gold after backing use a little BonAmi cake mixed with wet cotton ball (take some cotton and wet it and squeeze all water out of it and swipe it across cake)) and gently wash the gold away in small areas at a time. I do not know what is in OneShot anymore but I have read it is not very good.
I found an old half pint can, Commonwealth Varnish Co./ Cecil E. Sanders (look at file). Good luck finding it.


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