Tired of fixing - options for a new platen roller for GS750? Or buy a new machine?


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My "old faithful" GS750 caught the dreaded "melting roller" disease a couple years ago, and I had gotten by since then with cleaning off the goo and wrapping some Gerber mask on it. But over time the cutting again became inconsistent, and my latest attempt using a self-adhesive neoprene rubber sheet, while making a "looks good as new" result, still did not completely eliminate the problem. Cuts great in some areas, too deep in others.

I'm afraid I can't keep the 'ol gal going on "quick fixes" anymore. I need to replace the roller. I understand Gerber has a replacement kit. Has anyone here done this, is it worth it or should I bite the bullet and buy a new machine?


P.S. Second post. Liking what I see here.:thumb: