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Titan Plotters; any good?


New Member
I'm looking at a Titan plotter from US Cutter. It has about 750 grams downforce which I need for cutting sandblast stencil. Has anyone had good experience with these? Thanks


Sales Manager
Good afternoon,

How large are the stencils that you are looking to cut with this equipment? While the cutting force is important when cutting this material, the tracking of the material is equally important. You need a machine that can handle this heavier/thicker material and be able to track it accurately and I don't think the machine you are considering will do the trick. We offer both Summa and Graphtec plotters, both of which would be a good alternative to the Titan. The Summa S2 machines have an additional servo motor to assist with tracking which really helps with thicker/heavier materials.

Please feel free to contact me directly via email at philj@airmark.com or by phone at (800)527-7778, ext 112 if you would like to discuss the different options we offer and how they compare to the Titan.

Best regards,

Phil Johnson
Airmark Corporation